About Us

Modistyle.london is an innovation of the Modistyle brand.

Created from made to order innovative designs, sustainability
and high end fashion, supporting the circular economy.

The modistyle.london brand represents a new wave of fashion branding.

Caring for the planet through thoughtful design, we have full control over the supply chain process and labour conditions.

We produce zero waste for landfill.

For too long, the fashion industry has taken its toll on the planet.

Through ensuring our haute couture capes do not have an end-of-life use, we support the recirculation of the capes.

This enables us to offer capes
on a rental basis after their first year.

Existing customers are our lifeblood, so we offer any addition capes at a reduced price.   

Start designing your custom cape

We also care about our customers’ individuality.

Which is why our 6 week process allows for a bespoke approach.

Customers can choose the
colour, the style and the beading, creating a highly personal and individual cape.


Design your custom cape

Designed and crafted just for you